Schedule/Programme 2011


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Monday September 5

Session 1. Keynote speakers
Chair: Erik Boye

1700    Opening, Welcome                       

1715    Bruce Alberts, Keynote Lecture               
A Much Deeper Understanding of Cells will be Crucial for BioMedicine

1800    Tim Hunt, Dentist Aase Lecture
Switches and Latches in the Control of Cell Division

1900    Poster Mounting

1930    Buffet dinner in “Dragebygget” (the Dragon Building)


Tuesday September 6


Session 2. Basic mechanisms of cell-cycle transitions
Chair:  Kirsten Skarstad

0830    John Diffley

Early Events in Eukaryotic DNA Replication

0910    Jan M. Skotheim
Dynamics of cell-cycle control

0950    Harald Stenmark                       
Studies of a lipid kinase reveal the roles of membrane dynamics in
tumour suppression

1030  Coffee break           

Session 3. Tumor hypoxia and glucose metabolism
Chair: Geoffrey Shapiro

1100 Peter J. Ratcliffe       
Hypoxia signalling pathways: insights from and into cancer

1140    Constantinos Koumanis   
Activation of the Integrated Stress Response (ISR) is required for adaptation of tumor cells to hypoxic and nutrient stress and contributes to tumor growth and metastasis

1220    Ming Tan   
Overcoming Cancer Therapeutic Resistance by Targeting Dysregulated Glucose

1300    Lunch   

1400    Poster session           

1700    Departure for Fjord Excursion and Dinne




Wednesday September 7


Session 4. Checkpoints
Chair: Randi Syljuåsen

0830    Jonathon Pines
The control of mitosis through the Spindle Assembly Checkpoint and the APC/C

0910    Helen Piwnica-Worms
Targeting Chk1 in p53-deficient triple negative Breast Cancer using human in Mouse Tumor Models

0950    Trond Stokke
Checkpoints in the G2 phase of the cell cycle after acute induction of double-strand breaks by ionizing radiation

1010  Grete Hasvold       
Targeting hypoxic cancer cells by inhibition of CHK1

1030  Coffee Break and posters

Session 5. Protein kinases in cell-cycle control
Chair: Jonathon Pines

1100    Geoffrey Shapiro   
Cyclin-Dependent Kinases as Targets for Cancer Treatment

1140    Arvin Dar
New Insights into Kinase Signaling Pathways Using Chemical Genetics

1220  Beata Grallert
Coupling of growth and the cell cycle in fission yeast

1240    Jorrit Enserink
A chemical-genetic screen to unravel the genetic network of CDC28/CDK1 reveals a
role for the Rad6-Bre1 pathway in cell cycle progression

1300  Lunch

Session 6. Exploiting metabolic pathways for cancer treatment
Chair: David Shore

1430    Steven McKnight
Targeted Killing of a Cell Based Upon its Unique Metabolic Addiction

1510    Eyal Gottlieb   
Metabolic network approaches for cancer therapy

1550    Rolf Bjerkvig   
Antivascular therapy new insights.

1630    Posters and coffee

1930    Banquet in Saga Hall 




Thursday September 8


Session 7. Basic mechanisms of tumor metabolism
Chair: Stephen McKnight

0830    Nahum Sonenberg   
Translational control of cancer

0910    David Shore, The EMBO Lecture
Transcriptional regulation in the ribosome biogenesis network and its connections with telomere biology in the budding yeast S. cerevisiae

0950    Ian G. Mills
The androgen receptor fuels prostate cancer by regulating central metabolism and biosynthesis

1010    Stephanos Pavlides
The Autophagic Tumor Stroma of Cancer Metabolism - A new model for cancer

1030    Coffee break and posters



Session 8. Cell-cycle regulation
Chair: Trond Stokke

1100    Ross D. Hannan
Inhibition of RNA Polymerase I as a Therapeutic Strategy for Cancer-Specific Activation of p53

1120    Lorenzo Montanaro
JHDM1B down-regulation stimulates ribosome biogenesis and activates a p53 and SMAD-dependent growth arrest response

1140    Helen J. Whalley
The Role and Regulation of Tiam1-Rac signaling in mitosis

1200    Alberto Gandarillas
Cyclin E switches keratinocyte growth into differentiation

1220    End of meeting

1300     Lunch and departure



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